Abbey Road 50 Years Tribute

Fifty Years Anniversary for Abbey Road, The Beatles last recorded Album, is a good reason for a tribute evening. Producer: SAGA – Amir Gavriel

The following bands and musicians took part:

Jake Asulin, Stellar Lane, Yutam Pur, Shlomi Kaynan, Gal Levi, Amiram Eini,
Amir Gavriel, Shiri Shahar, Tal Ornan

Embeded Youtube video of the evening, which was recorded and edited by Einat Almog appears at the bottom of this post.

Jake Asulin

Stellar Lane

Yotam Pur

Amiram Eini & Amir Gavriel

Shiri Shahar

Shlomi Kaynan

Gal Levy

Tal Ornan

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